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Figure 3

From: Cellular immunity induced by a recombinant adenovirus- human dendritic cell vaccine for melanoma

Figure 3

Impact of baseline memory on induced responses. The frequency of CD8+(A and B) and CD4+(C and D) T cells producing IFNγ (A and C) or IL-2 (B and D) to HAdV-5 (HAdV-5 LacZ) or HAdV-5 + melanoma antigens (HAdV-5 TMM2) are shown (“All”). Those HD with ≥ 0.03%+ baseline IFNγ and/or IL-2 responses were also analyzed separately, as having cellular memory responses (“mem”, n = 5) vs. those with < 0.03%+ cells, or no baseline cellular memory (“no mem”, n = 2). The frequency of CD8+ or CD4+ T cells producing IL-2 to DC loaded with Mel526 lysate are shown (E).

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