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Figure 1

From: Immune gene signatures and tumor intrinsic markers delineate novel immunogenic subtypes of breast cancer

Figure 1

(A-D) The immune metagenes are prognostic of IBE but no IBD breast cancer. (A) Heatmaps of metagene expression levels (rows) across 1,954 tumors (columns). Key shows color scale of mean centered, log2-transformed gene signal intensities. For each metagene, tumors are aligned by ascending metagene scores; tertile thresholds are show (33rd and 66th percentiles) for defining low (L), intermediate (I) and high (H) metagene tertiles. (B) IMM prognostic risk groups are shown. (C, D) IBE and IBD type tumors are shown stratified by IMM subclasses (FID, WID, PID) in Kaplan-Meier plots of DMFS. The number of tumors (n) in each subclass is shown; the log-rank p-value is reported.

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