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Figure 5

From: iNKT/CD1d-antitumor immunotherapy significantly increases the efficacy of therapeutic CpG/peptide-based cancer vaccine

Figure 5

Antibody-mediated depletion demonstrates that CD8 T cells rather than NK cells are essential for the combined antitumor effect. Recipient CD45.1 mice were grafted s.c. with 500 000 B16-OVA-HER2 tumor cells following Vα14-Jα18 and OT-I transfer and were immunized and treated 5 days later as described in Figure 1. For depletion of CD8 T cells or NK cells, repeated injections of respectively anti-CD8 or anti-asialo-GM1 antibodies were administered as described in the Methods. A. Kinetic of tumor growth shown as mean tumor volume (mm3) +/- SEM of 7 mice/group. B. Same results zooming in on non-depleted and NK depleted groups. *, p <0.05; **, p <0.01; ***, p <0.001.

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