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Fig. 2

From: The dark side of ID8-Luc2: pitfalls for luciferase tagged murine models for ovarian cancer

Fig. 2

Weight curves and BLI signal of mice inoculated intraperitoneal with ID8-fLuc cells. a Weight curves of mice inoculated intraperitoneal with either 10 × 106 or 15 × 106 ID8-fLuc cells. Relative weight to weight at inoculation is used. When inoculating 15 × 106 ID8-fLuc cells, ascites is clinically appreciable 6 weeks after inoculation, compared to 8 weeks after inoculation in the 10 × 106 ID8-fLuc cells group. b BLI-signal of the animals described in 2A, weekly measurements in photons per second (p/s). Using pieceweise multilevel model we can show a statistical difference between the two groups up to week 6, when ascites arises in the 15 × 106 ID8-fLuc group. c BLI results of mice with important ascites scanned without intervention or after drainage of ascites. We see a clear increase in the BLI signal after drainage of ascites. This is statistically significant using paired t-test. These results show that the presence of ascites decreases the BLI signal

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