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Fig. 3

From: The dark side of ID8-Luc2: pitfalls for luciferase tagged murine models for ovarian cancer

Fig. 3

Ascites drainages in the ID8-fluc ovarian cancer mouse model. a Weight curves of mice inoculated intraperitoneal with 10 × 106 ID8-fLuc cells. Absolute weights of individual animals are depicted. Results of two pooled experiments. b Kaplan-Meier curve showing survival of 10 mice inoculated with 10 × 106 ID8-fLuc as shown in a. The black curve depicts survival when draining the ascites and using our improved euthanasia criteria. The grey curve depicts survival when using the criteria described by Liao et al. Repetitive drainages of ascites lead to a significantly (p = 0,001) prolonged survival (Mantel-Cox)

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