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Fig. 4

From: Toll-like receptor agonist therapy can profoundly augment the antitumor activity of adoptively transferred CD8+ T cells without host preconditioning

Fig. 4

LPS enhances CD25 expression on transferred CD8+ T cells and improves their long-term persistence in irradiated animals. a LPS enhances the expression of CD25, but not CD62L, on adoptively transferred pmel-1 CD8+ T cells (Ly5.1+) when analyzed on day 7 from irradiated B6 mice given fowlpox hgp100 and hIL-2 as demonstrated by flow cytometry. b LPS enhances the initial proliferation of adoptively transferred cells as indicated via BrdU incorporation. On day 3 post-ACT, mice were given 1 mg of BrdU and sacrificed 2 h later. Transferred cells were analyzed for BrdU uptake (5 mice per group). c LPS increased the absolute number of transferred pmel-1 T cells in the spleen and blood of irradiated hosts. Absolute numbers of transferred pmel-1 cells (CD8+Ly5.1+) in the spleens and blood were enumerated from Thy1.1 mice. Data shown (mean ± SEM, 5 mice per group) are representative of 2 independent experiments. *P < .05, **P < .01, unpaired t-test

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