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Fig. 3

From: Tumor control with PD-1 inhibition in a patient with concurrent metastatic melanoma and renal cell carcinoma

Fig. 3

Pathology of T3 vertebral mass and right lower lobe lung lesions. Pathology of the T3 vertebral mass biopsy represents a metastasis from renal cell carcinoma, the lung lesion is consistent with a metastasis from melanoma. (1) Immunohistochemistry markers of the T3 vertebral mass and the right lower lobe (RLL) lung nodule. (2) T3 vertebral lesion: a. low power b. high power c. CAM5.2 d. Pax-8 (3) RLL lesion: a. high power b. Cytokeratin (CK7) c. S100 d. Melan-A e. HMB45

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