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Fig. 4

From: Discovery and preclinical characterization of the antagonist anti-PD-L1 monoclonal antibody LY3300054

Fig. 4

Combination of LY3300054 and ipilimumab enhances T cell activation in vitro. Panel a: Mixed leukocyte reactions. Allogeneic DC were co-cultured with purified CD4+ T cells for 72 h in the presence of increasing (two-fold increments) concentrations of LY3300054, ipilimumab or a combination of both antibodies ranging from 0.0003 to 67 nM. Supernatants were measured for IFN-γ and IL-2 production by ELISA. Each data point represents the average of 8 replicates, with error bars representing the SEM. Data were generated with four different PBMC donors. Panel b: Gene expression analysis of cell lysate from the mixed leukocyte reactions was performed using QuantiGene Plex assay. Venn diagram showing the number of shared (overlap circle) and treatment-specific (no overlap) DEGs across the different treatments. Tables list the Log2 fold-change of LY3300054 vs control group for genes with fold-change > 1.5, p value < 0.05. One-way ANOVA was used for statistical analysis

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