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Fig. 2

From: Predicting response to checkpoint inhibitors in melanoma beyond PD-L1 and mutational burden

Fig. 2

Immunological landscape of melanoma and its association with multiple variables. a Unsupervised hierarchical clustering (rows = patients, columns = genes) for 394 immune transcripts identified three major groups defined as “inflamed” (group 1), “borderline” (group 2), and “immune desert” (group 3). CD8 (assessed by RNA-seq) and PD-L1 expression levels (assessed by immunohistochemistry), response to ICIs (as per RECIST v.1.1), CD8 infiltration pattern (assessed by a trained pathologist, CM and APS), and mutational burden (assessed by whole-exon sequencing) are depicted. b-d Overall survival for melanoma patients from the (b) inflamed (n = 131), (c) borderline (n = 81), and (d) immune desert (n = 88) groups upon stratification based on treatment (historical controls versus ICI-based immunotherapy). p values are reported

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