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Fig. 1

From: Neurologic immune-related adverse events associated with adjuvant ipilimumab: report of two cases

Fig. 1

Gadolinium Enhanced MRI Brain and Spine, Images of Patient 1. First Episode (a and b): Abnormal nodular leptomeningeal enhancement, most notably at the R-cerebellar pontine angle (CPA) and 4th ventricle (arrowhead). Lack of FLAIR suppression at the basal cisterns is also most prominent at the R-CPA. There is associated parenchymal edema that extends into the right brachium pontis (arrow). Recurrent Episode (c and d): Worsening leptomeningeal enhancement, prominently involving the R-internal auditory canal (arrowhead). Holocord T2 signal hyperintensity consistent with edema resulting in complete effacement of the CSF space (arrow). Post-treatment (e and f): Mild residual abnormal nodular enhancement at the right IAC (arrowhead) and near complete normalization of the cord diameter. There is only trace residual abnormal signal (arrow)

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