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Table 1 Case Reports/Series of Ipilimumab-Associated Neurological irAEs

From: Neurologic immune-related adverse events associated with adjuvant ipilimumab: report of two cases

Case reports/series Neurological manifestations Presence of additional irAEs
Wilgenhof S, et al. (2011) [23] Guillain-Barré Syndrome None reported
Bompaire F, et al. (2012) [18] Meningo-radiculo-neuritis None reported
Bot I, et al. (2013) [21] (n = 3) Hypophysitis Meningitis Guillain-Barré syndrome  
Liao B. et al. (2014) [21] (n = 3) CIDP Transverse myelitis Myasthenia gravis-type syndrome None reported
Johnson DB, et al. (2015) [24] Myasthenia gravis Thyroiditis Dermatitis
Thaipisuttikul I, et al.(2015) [35] Peripheral neuropathy None reported
Abdallah AO, et al. (2016) [31] Necrotic myelopathy None reported
Chen JH, et al. (2017) [27] Myasthenia gravis Myositis Polyneuropathy Hepatitis
Derle E, et al. (2018) [25] Myasthenia gravis None reported
Montes V, et al. (2018) [26] Myasthenia gravis None reported
Naito T, et al. (2018) [22] Acute cerebellitis None reported
Ruff MW, et al. (2018) [28] (n = 2) Bilateral phrenic nerve paralysis Bell’s palsy Pan-hypopituitarism