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Fig. 2

From: Local angiotensin II contributes to tumor resistance to checkpoint immunotherapy

Fig. 2

AngII signaling blockage sensitizes tumors to checkpoint immunotherapy in mice tumor models. a No significant inhibition of tumor growth when treated with anti-PD-1(α-PD1) or anti-CTLA-4 (α-CTLA4) alone; however, candesartan remarkably improved the effect of immune checkpoint blockers on 4T1 tumors (n=5 ); ATR blockers and checkpoint inhibitors were administered starting from day 5 after cell injection. b Checkpoint immunotherapy combined with candesartan significantly prolonged the survival of 4T1 tumor-bearing mice ( n=5 ). c AGT gene-silencing (shRNA-AGT) in 4T1 cells rendered tumors completely responsive to PD1 checkpoint immunotherapy; negative control: shRNA-NC. d AGT gene-silencing in 4T1 tumors combined with PD1 immunotherapy made all of mice (n=5) achieve long-term survival without any recurrence during almost one-year observation. Ns, no significance; *, P < 0.05; **, P < 0.01

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