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Fig. 4

From: Local angiotensin II contributes to tumor resistance to checkpoint immunotherapy

Fig. 4

AGT expression silencing triggers an immune-activating cytokine profile in hypoxic 4T1 cells. a Cytokine profiles ( containing 308 cytokines ) of AGT-silenced 4T1 cells (AGTsi) or negative control (NC) in normoxia or hypoxia condition were analyzed using RayBio Mouse Cytokine Antibody Array. Heat-map displayed differential cytokine expression (>2 folds). b The cytokines (64) impacted by AGT-silencing were largely overlaped (40 cytokines) with those (65) influenced by hypoxia exposure. c Functional relationships of the influenced cytokines (>2folds) according to Gene Ontology (GO) analysis. d The levels of immune-activating cytokines and immunosuppressive cytokines were altered by hypoxia and AGT silencing

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