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Fig. 3

From: Targeting VEGFR2 with Ramucirumab strongly impacts effector/ activated regulatory T cells and CD8+ T cells in the tumor microenvironment

Fig. 3

Difference of T-cell subsets between PBMCs and TILs. a Comparison of T-cell subsets between PBMCs and TILs (total of 59 samples from 18 patients). The frequency of CD4+ T cells was marginally higher in PBMCs than in TILs (58.77 ± 16.94% vs. 47.59 ± 16.68%; P < 0.01). The CD8+ T-cell frequency was similar in PBMCs and TILs (32.70 ± 14.89% vs. 37.39% ± 15.28%; P = 0.059). The frequency of eTreg cells was very low in PBMCs but was significantly higher in TILs (1.89 ± 1.0 vs. 19.05 ± 10.48; P < 0.01). n.s., not significant. b Correlation of T-cell subsets in PBMCs and TILs (total of 59 samples). The frequencies of CD4+ T cells, CD8+ T cells, and eTreg cells in TILs did not correspond with those in PBMCs (r = 0.17, 0.23, and 0.19; P = 0.21, 0.082, and 0.15, respectively). c Representative flow cytometry plots of PBMCs and TILs both pre- and post-treatment in the same patient. This patient was treated with RAM and PTX and attained SD after 5 weeks of treatment. eTreg cells were particularly enriched in TILs compared with PBMCs. Furthermore, TIL eTreg cells decreased following treatment (from 43.2 to 23.1%), while PBMC eTreg cells did not change significantly (from 1.19 to 1.71%)

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