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Fig. 2

From: Targeting myeloid-inflamed tumor with anti-CSF-1R antibody expands CD137+ effector T-cells in the murine model of pancreatic cancer

Fig. 2

The addition of αCSF-1R to GVAX therapy and αPD-1 improves survival rate in a liver metastatic pancreatic cancer murine model. a 2 × 105 KPC tumor cells were inoculated via a hemispleen surgery on day 0, and mice were treated with GVAX and αPD-1 as indicated, and αCSF-1R was dosed in three different ways as shown. b Treated mice were followed for survival, and the percent survival at day 23 was calculated. No mice survived beyond day 25. GVAX + αPD-1 (n = 10), GVAX + αPD-1 + Pre-αCSF-1R (n = 9), GVAX + αPD-1 + Pre/Post-αCSF-1R (n = 9)

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