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Fig. 5

From: RAS status and neoadjuvant chemotherapy impact CD8+ cells and tumor HLA class I expression in liver metastatic colorectal cancer

Fig. 5

CD8+ cells’ recruitment modifies tumor stroma making mCRC elligible for immune therapeutic intervention. (a) Representative pictures of PD-L1 [SP142] IHC staining: left panel with a low PD-L1 staining PD-L1 and right panel with a high PD-L1 staining. Scale bar indicates 250 μm. (b) Donut holes representing WT or patients with RAS-RAF mutated status according to different neoadjuvant chemotherapy. (c) Representative pseudocolored (Dapi in blue, CD8 in lime green, Ki67 in magenta and CK in yellow) pictures of immunofluorescence staining of liver metastasis (scale bar = 150 μm). Inset is a focus showing CD8/Ki67 double positive cells (green and magenta pointed with white arrowhead) on the left panel and Ki67 negative CD8+ cells (empty arrowhead) on the right panel (scale bar = 30 μm). (d) Quantification of CD8 T cells according to their NA procedures. (e) Quantification of CD8/Ki67 double positive cells in patients according to their neoadjuvant procedure (NA: neoadjuvant, N: no neoadjuvant chemotherapy, C: CD8 mobilizing chemotherapy, ***: p < 0.001, ****: p < 0.0001)

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