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Fig. 3

From: The motility regulator flhDC drives intracellular accumulation and tumor colonization of Salmonella

Fig. 3

Induction of flhDC does not increase tumor colonization in the absence of T3SS1. a) In the absence of T3SS, extracellular (red only) and intracellular colonization (green and red) was minimal and uneven for flhDC-induced (FS-Sal) and control (S-Sal) Salmonella. Images were acquired 36 h after bacterial administration. Scale bar is 100 μm. b-e) When compared to control ΔsipB Salmonella (S-Sal), flhDC-induced ΔsipB Salmonella (FS-Sal) did not affect (b) the location of colonization, (c) the overall bacterial density, (d) the location of intracellular invasion, or (e) the overall extent of intracellular accumulation. Data (n = 3) were acquired 36 h after bacterial administration.

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