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Fig. 3

From: Combined treatment with HMGN1 and anti-CD4 depleting antibody reverses T cell exhaustion and exerts robust anti-tumor effects in mice

Fig. 3

HMGN1/αCD4 treatment increased CCR7+CD80hiCD86hi migratory DCs in the tumor. a Flow cytometry gating of CCR7+ migratory DCs. b, c The frequency and number of CCR7+ migratory DCs in the tumor. d The expression of CD80, CD86, and I-A/I-E (also known as MHC class II) on CCR7+ migratory DCs. Each result is representative of three independent experiments with at least four mice per group. Data are presented as mean ± SEM. *, P < 0.05, **, P < 0.01, ***, P < 0.001 for a dunnett’s post hoc test (compared with control); p values in the figure indicate Student’s t-test comparing mH/αCD4-treated and αCD4-treated groups. Mean fluorescence intensity (MFI)

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